Anti-trust and competition law

  • Competition law is practiced almost systematically in the business world, regardless of the size of the companies and economic players.
  • The law firm D&S LEGAL strives to assist and advise its clients in this complex world of abuse of dominant position and arrangements, restrictive practices and unfair competition.
  • The Firm has also developed strong expertise in the field of merger and concentration transactions, since the implementation in New Caledonia of the laws in this area, in 2013. The law firm D&S LEGAL has also organised several conferences, especially at the time of the enactment of the law, but also in the years that followed to review how it has been applied. The law firm D&S LEGAL is involved before transactions, to prepare the files of request for authorisations, during the instruction phase, with a constant relationship with the Competition Authority, and finally in litigation, in the event of challenges to the authorisations at all court levels. Since the law entered into force, all the files presented by the law firm D&S LEGAL have resulted in an authorisation, in a variety of industries such as the automobile, supermarket, agribusiness and hotel industries.